Job Interview Tips For a Better Career Search

Job interview tips to increases your chances of getting that dream job. A successful job search requires the right resume, cover letter and job application. But the most important aspect of the job search is the job interview. The interview will make or break your chances of landing your dream job.

We have gathered 10 job interview tips that will boost your chances of passing any job interview. The first obvious tip is to do a thorough research on the employer, the job description and the management team.

Make sure you understand what the job entails. Search for information about the persons on the management team that will most likely be interviewing you. Check for HR department and senior management. Research on the mission, values and work ethics of the employer.

Expect the interviewer to look at how you will benefit the company if given the job. A good place to do your research is the employer’s website, online publications and social media pages.

Dress Well for the Job

Dress Well for Job interviewMost organizations are adopting casual dressing among their employees. But for an interview it is best that you dress formally and be well groomed.

You need to give a good first impression since you will be a stranger to the interviewers.

The degree of formal dressing to adopt will depend on the employer’s culture and the job specifics.

Job Interview Tips – Be Punctual

Never arrive late for an interview. Arrive about 15 minutes before the start of the interview. Arriving earlier will help to stay relaxed and composed. Remember your interviewer will be looking at your body language. Stay calm and prepare extra copies of the required documents at least a day before to avoid a last minute rush.

Job Interview Tips: Talk Less, Listen More

Do not give answers to questions that you have not been asked. Be precise with answers and avoid telling more than necessary. A good research and excellent listening skills will come in handy.

As you conduct the research prior to the interview, try to answer the common interview questions. Having good listening skills is one of the most repeated job interview tips. Interview questions are a good source of answers, you just need to listen keenly and observe the mannerisms of the interviewer.

Prepare to Answer Common Interview Questions

Job Interview Tips ResumeDo not be caught off-guard by some common interview questions. There are online databases of common job interview questions and expected answers.

Expect to answer the “Tell us about yourself” question. Answer such common interview questions by including your specific skills in the answer. Include past work experiences when answering the common questions.

Expect to be asked behavioral interview questions that seek to expose your past behavioral response to certain situations. In addition, answering behavioral questions correctly is one of the best ways to prove your skills, professionalism and capabilities.

Remember most of your fellow job applicants have most of the required qualifications. A few wrong answers to a few common questions may be the only way the interviewer can decide on who to hire.

Concentrate During the Interview

One of the most forgotten job interview tips in the modern era is to switch off your phone before you enter the interview room. A good way to create a nice first impression is to concentrate, listen keenly and remain calm. More job interview tips? Answer politely while avoiding appearing to be too familiar with the panel.

Concentrate on the handshakes – give firm hard shakes accompanied by a smile and good eye contact. Good concentration will make you seem confident and focussed, two key qualities required for most jobs. Avoid appearing to be overconfident. Strike a balance between your confidence and professionalism.

Be Ready to Ask Questions

Another of the top job interview tips is asking relevant questions whenever necessary. Most interviews will conclude with the interviewer asking if you have any questions. It is unwise to answer with “NO” as it may imply a lack of concentration or focus. It is good to ask at least one question, even if it is to request a clarification. If you were attentive and concentrated during the interview, you will definitely have a question or two that you can ask.

Avoid Bad Habits During the Interview

Frequent touching of the face, nose, eyes, mumbling and fidgeting are some common bad habits that can ruin an interview. Do not feel rushed to answer. Give concise answers. Avoid looking to the sides or out of the window. Maintain good eye contact no matter what. Sit upright and nod when necessary. Maintain good eye contact.

Bring your Resume to Each Interview

This list of job interview tips wouldn’t be complete without touching on CV. Some job postings do not mention the need to provide a CV. Others require that you submit your resume before the interview date.

An interviewer may misplace your resume, which is why you must bring an extra copy of your resume to every job interview.

End the Interview Well

Thank the interviewer, ask any related questions and inquire about the next process at the end of the interview. Be polite even if the interview didn’t seem to go well. You never know how the other job applicants will perform. Consider sending a “Thank You Letter” through e-mail or post office. Follow these job interview tips but also remember that the right conclusion to a job interview will help a lot.

Jobs are not always awarded to the right applicant because of small interview mistakes and lack of enough research/ preparation. Use these job interview tips to ensure better results in your job search and to stand out from the competition.