Vodafone M-pesa Charges For Withdrawal And Sending Money In India

Current Vodafone m-pesa charges and rates for withdrawal and sending of money to bank account, registered and unregistered m-pesa users.

ICICI Bank and Vodafone mPesa Limited have partnered to give Indian customers the fastest and most reliable mobile money transfer service in India.

You get an ICICI bank mobile money account and a mobile wallet when you registered for Vodafone m-pesa. These two services are inter-operable, which is why you can send money from your m-pesa account to another registered m-pesa user, an ICICI bank account or even to an unregistered m-pesa user.

Lower Vodafone m-pesa charges, competitive ICICI bank exchange rate and the convenience of mobile money payment are some of the reasons why the ICICI Bank’s m-pesa service is popular in India. In addition, use the Vodafone m-pesa chargesĀ calculator to get the latest Vodafone m-pesa withdrawal charges and rates.

Vodafone M-pesa Charges
Minimum Amount (in Rs.) Maximum Amount (in Rs.) Send to Registered User orĀ Bank Account (in Rs.) Send to Unregistered User(in Rs.) M-pesa Withdrawal Charges (in Rs.)
1 1 25 1 2 1
2 26 50 2 4 2
3 51 100 4 7 3
4 101 250 6 14 5
5 251 500 10 25 10
6 501 1,000 20 45 18
7 1,001 2,000 40 80 30
8 2,001 3,500 60 130 50
9 3,501 5,000 80 180 75

Other Vodafone M-pesa Charges and Transaction Fees

Type of Transaction Limit (Min/Max) Mobile Wallet Only (Rs.) Mobile Wallet and Mobile Money Account (Rs.)
Fund Transfers (per transaction) Min 1 1
Daily Fund Transfer Max 5000 5000
Monthly Fund Transfer Max 5000 5000
Prepaid Recharges (Per Transaction Min 1 1
Max 2500 2500
Daily Prepaid Recharge Max 2500 2500
M-pesa account Balance Min 0 0
Max 10000 50000
Send Money to Unregistered m-pesa customer Max Not allowed 5000
Send Money to Registered m-pesa customer Max 5000 5000
M-pesa Withdrawal Max Not allowed
Deposit in m-pesa account (per transaction) Max 5000 5000
Daily Deposit in m-pesa account Max 5000 5000

Vodafone M-pesa Charges for Withdrawal and Sending Money in India

Vodafone M-pesa Charges

Get more information about the latest ICICI Bank Vodafone m-pesa charges and rates. Vodafone m-pesa is safe and secure. You can block your m-pesa account at any moment if you lose your sim card. The easy to use m-pesa menu makes the service more convenient than conventional banking.

There is no need for Internet or GPRS connection to use Vodafone m-pesa. All you need is to dial *400# and you are ready to do send and withdraw money. With the lower Vodafone m-pesa charges and freedom from carrying cash, sending and receiving money in India is as easy as sending an SMS! Learn how to register for m-pesa, and get the various m-pesa features. Discover more benefits of using the m-pesa mobile money transfer system.