What is Mpesa? Mpesa Charges, Tariffs and Mpesa Rates

What is Mpesa? Safaricom’s MPESA is the leading mobile banking and mobile money transfer technology in the world. Mobile banking is cheaper, safer and more convenient than conventional banking.

In Kenya, every man and his dog uses Mpesa. But why is the mobile payment system so damn popular? It is easy to access. One just needs their mobile phone to do business. Mpesa has transformed the way of life in Kenya. It has changed how Kenyans locally and abroad do business.

Look for tips on how to pay bills, buy airtime and do smart business with mobile money at Mpesacharges.com. Our detailed information goes beyond the Mpesa charges, Mpesa rates and Mpesa tariffs applied by Safaricom when you send or withdraw cash.

Mpesa is convenient for making online payments within M-Pesa regions. In addition, the M-pesa to PayPal services offered by several websites extend the reach of M-Pesa. This has made East Africa’s most loved mobile money technology a global player.

What is Mpesa? Some Ways of Using M-Pesa

There are many uses of mobile money:


Withdraw from PayPal to Mpesa using Bank to M-Pesa USSD Codes

Another thing we love about M-Pesa is the ability to withdraw from PayPal to Mpesa. Affiliate marketing is one of the free ways to make money online in Kenya. For example, one can make money through affiliate marketing of products for men who wonder how to cum more (and libido boosters etc).

Whenever you make a sale (thereby earning an affiliate commission), simply withdraw from PayPal using the Equity Mpesa ATM withdrawal agent number. Then either transfer to Mpesa or send the cash from an Equity Bank account (or any other bank account) directly to your mobile wallet. Use these Bank to M-pesa USSD codes.

Make Money with Farming in Kenya and Get Paid with M-Pesa

Brighter Monday and Nsoko Jobs websites have the latest jobs in Kenya. But some of us just can’t do office jobs. This is because we need independence and flexible working hours. Working online is another great option.

And so is smart farming.

Farming is one of the ways how to make money in Kenya. Farming in Kenya of fresh market produce is, perhaps, one of the well paying latest jobs in Kenya. One doesn’t need a CV. In addition, farming guides are freely available on the internet. As a result, smart young farmers are earning quick money in Kenya through greenhouse tomato farming in Kenya.

Others are making a killing with pilipili hoho farming (capsicum farming). Watermelon farming in Kenya and hay farming are also very profitable business ideas in Kenya. You don’t even need a greenhouse to make money in Kenya if short of starting capital.

One can make quick money through cabbage farming in Kenya. Tomatoes varieties in Kenya such as the Anna F1 tomato variety, pilipili hoho and watermelons perform well outdoors too. Mobile payments have become a way of like in Kenya. To put it simply, Safaricom’s MPesa puts your bank in your pocket, 24/7/365.

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