How To Pay Bills Using Equitel Kenya and My Money

You can now pay bills using Equitel Kenya. Equity Bank has launched My Money service through their mobile money platform, Equitel, to enable Kenyans pay their utility bills under the lowest money transfer charges.

There are many bills one can pay through Equitel. Use Equitel mobile money to pay your KPLC electricity bill, Nairobi Water Company bill and school fees.

Other ways to pay bills using Equitel Kenya include phone bills and buying airtime for your SIM Card. You can also buy airtime for other registered mobile phone users in Kenya using Equitel Kenya’s My Money Menu.

StarTimes, GOTV and DSTV are the leading digital TV content providers in Kenya. Use Equitel Kenya to cheaply pay TV utility bills. To enable their users pay bills using Equitel Kenya, Equity Bank’s My Money feature on your Equitel SIM Card gives you direct access to your bank account through your mobile phone.

The following is the procedure to pay bills using Equitel Kenya:

How to Pay Bills Using Equitel Kenya

How to Pay Bills Using Equitel Kenya

  1. From your Equitel SIM Card, Select My Money
  2. Select send/pay
  3. Select account number
  4. Select paybill
  5. Select business
  6. Select bill to pay e.g Nairobi Water
  7. Enter bill account number
  8. Enter amount, then confirm all details
  9. Enter your Equitel PIN and send. You will receive a transaction confirmation SMS from Equitel Kenya

Apart from the lower money transfer charges (Equitel charges are among the lowest in Kenya), other benefits of using My Money to pay bills using Equitel Kenya include more convenience as you can now access your bank account from home or work.

Equitel Kenya has fast transactions, there is no need to queue at the bank and you enjoy greater security as you no longer have to carry large amounts of money when paying school fees and utility bills. These are some of the many advantages of using My Money to pay bills using Equitel Kenya.

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