How Kenya Seed Company and Simlaw Seeds Support Agriculture in Kenya

Simlaw Seeds is a branch of the Kenya Seed Company that produces, imports, markets and distributes seeds that are used for commercial farming in greenhouses in Kenya. The Kenya Seed Company is an East African seed company that researches, develops and markets certified, top quality and high yielding agricultural seeds to farmers in Kenya and within Eastern Africa.

They produce most of the seeds Kenyans plant in our shambas and greenhouses. The vegetable seeds are also used in farming of food for domestic consumption. Simlaw Seeds was acquired by Kenya Seed Company in 1979. Smart farmers are making money through onion farming in Kenya, growing tomatoes, pilipili hoho, cabbage farming and even watermelon farming.

Other superior seeds produced and sold by the Kenya Seed Company include Kenya Mavuno, Kenya Safi and Red Kidney beans varieties. The seeds produced by the Kenya Seed Company are well adapted to the local environment, are resistant to most pests and diseases and mature fast. By supplying farmers with superior seeds, the Kenya Seed Company increases food production.

Food sufficiency is necessary for Kenya’s rapidly growing population. Smart farmers who use the seeds make good profits, thereby increasing their social well-being. Other popular seeds produced by the Kenya Seed Company and Simlaw Seeds include maize seeds, millet, rice and leafy vegetables such as Spinach Fordhook Giant, Kales (Sukuma wiki), carrots, cauliflower and broccoli.

Kenya Seed Company and Simlaw Seeds – Agriculture in Kenya

These are some of the popular vegetable seeds produced or imported by the Kenya Seed Company and Simlaw Seeds:

Kenya Seed Company

  1. Tomatoes – The Kenya Seed Company produces some of the best performing tomato varieties in Kenya such as the Prostar F1 greenhouse tomato. Other open-field tomato varieties marketed in Kenya by Simlaw Seeds include the Marglobe, Galaxy F1 and Libra F1. The Marglobe tomato variety is a heirloom tomato variety (an old variety of seeds not traditionally used for large-scale commercial farming). It produces globe-shaped tomatoes and is resistant to common tomato diseases. The Marglobe tomato variety performs well in humid environments. It competes well with the Anna F1 tomato.
  2. WatermelonsWatermelon farming in Kenya is a quick way to make money. Hybrid watermelon varieties produced and distributed by the Kenya Seed Company include the Sweet Rose F1, Daytona F1 and Sugar Belle F1. Hybrid watermelons are usually seedless and mature faster than open-pollinated watermelons. They are more fleshy, have a deeper color and are more sugary-sweet.
  3. Pilipili hoho – Bell peppers are vitamin-rich plants and have low calories. Capsicum is rich in vitamins A, C and B6. The California Wonder and Long Red Cayenne are some of the Pilipili hoho varieties marketed by Simlaw Seeds and the Kenya Seed Company. The California Wonder variety of capsicum (Bell pepper) is disease resistant and bears many fruits. Like the other pilipili hoho varieties produced by the Kenya Seed Company, it matures fast. California Wonder produces capsicums that are fleshy and bright red when mature.
  4. Cabbages – Cabbages are an all-season vegetable that matures fast. This makes cabbage farming in Kenya one of the best business ideas, especially for smart farmers with little land, even less than an acre. The Gloria F1 and Copenhagen market are popular cabbage varieties in Kenya that are distributed by the Kenya Seed Company. Other cabbage varieties marketed by Simlaw Seeds include Riana F1, Queen F1, Sugar Loaf and Karen F1.
  5. Onions – Onion farming in Kenya is done in greenhouses as well as in open gardens. Bulb onions and spring onions are the most popular in Kenya. Onions are a crucial ingredient while cooking, which explains their high demand throughout the year. They have a higher profit margin and stay fresh longer than other crops such as tomatoes and cabbages. Hybrid onion varieties distributed by the Kenya Seed Company include the Red Passion F1, Bombay Red and Red Nice F1.

Kenya Seed Company Contacts

Kenya Seed Company
Postal Address: P.O. Box 553-030200, Kitale
Company Tel: +254 (054) 31909 – 14
Mobile: 0722 205 144, 0726 141 856, 0733 623 668
Fax: +254 (054) 31073, 30385, 31775

Simlaw Seeds Company Contacts

Simlaw Seeds Company Limited
General Manager,
Kijabe Street – Near Globe Cinema Round about
P.O. Box 40042,
Tel: +254 (20) 2215067 / 83, +254 (20) 2602191 / 93
Fax: +254 (20) 316619
Mobile: 0722 – 200 545 / 0734 – 811 861

Simlaw Seeds - Agriculture in Kenya

The Kenya Seed Company also provides farming tips to farmers and students at trade fairs and agricultural shows. This includes land preparation advice, pest and weed management information and correct use of fertilizers and manure.

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