How to Pay Electricity Bill with MPESA KPLC Paybill Number for Prepaid Meters

This is the procedure to follow to use your mobile phone and KPLC paybill number to pay KPLC bill.  Kenya Power and Lighting Company’s customers can use the 888880 KPLC paybill number to buy electricity tokens for their prepaid KPLC meters.

With most of Kenya’s over 2.6 million electricity consumers relying on power from KPLC, paying KPLC bill via mobile is very fast, safe and convenient. It is also cheaper since the only costs are the Mpesa rates. KPLC operates and owns most of Kenya’s electricity transmission and distribution network.

To ensure sufficient transmission and consumption of power, KPLC encourages the use of the M-pesa KPLC paybill number for KPLC prepaid meters when paying for electricity tokens. KPLC customers can also use their mobile phones for KPLC bill enquiry.

It is essential to learn how to pay KPLC bill via Mpesa paybill number from the comfort of your home. This is because most new buildings, especially rental properties in major towns, are using the KPLC prepaid meters. Here is how to use the KPLC paybill number for KPLC prepaid electricity meter number:

How to Pay Electricity Bill via M-Pesa

  1. Access your Safaricom menu, then select M-PESA.
  2. Choose Lipa na M-PESA, then Pay Bill.
  3. The Pay bill number for KPLC prepaid meters is 888880.
  4. Next, Key in your full KPLC prepaid meter number. This is your KPLC account number.
  5. Next, the amount to pay should be between 100 Kshs and 35,000 Kshs. Enter the amount and hit OK
  6. M-PESA asks you for your M-Pesa PIN. Enter your PIN.
  7. Double check and confirm that you have entered the correct information, including the amount, the pay bill number and your Kenya Power account number. Then hit OK to send and complete the M-PESA transaction.
  8. You now receive a transaction confirmation SMS from M-PESA. You then just wait for KPLC to finalize the transaction and register your electricity payment.

KPLC Paybill Number for Prepaid Meters

After a few minutes, you will receive an SMS from KPLC that has the following:

  • The amount you have paid, and the date of payment.
  • The total tokens you have received.
  • A unique code made up of numbers only, usually 20 digits long. This is the code you enter into your prepaid meter (just like pressing the keys on your phone), then press the OK button on the meter (usually the Blue button). The prepaid meter will update itself immediately. Its that easy to pay KPLC bill using the M-pesa KPLC paybill number for KPLC prepaid meters.

KPLC Paybill Number

Note that apart from the KPLC paybill number for KPLC prepaid electricity meters, one can also use cash payment at Kenya Power and Lighting Company’s authorized pay points.

You can do a KPLC bill enquiry to check KPLC bill online or through your mobile phone.

The other mobile money payment providers also allow for payment of KPLC prepaid power via phone, but are way less popular.

Other less popular ways to pay prepaid KPLC bills include Uchumi Supermarkets, bank payments and payments at the Postal Corporation of Kenya’s countrywide post offices.

KPLC customer care contacts

These are the KPLC customer care contacts:
KPLC Contact hotline numbers are 95551, 0703070707 and 0732170170 for service-related enquiries.
KPLC Website:

Before KPLC enabled the use of its KPLC paybill number for KPLC prepaid electricity meters, customers used to queue and wait for hours to pay their bills. Most Kenyans ended up being disconnected from the national power grid because of late payments. Using KPLC paybill number for KPLC prepaid electricity meters is faster, easier and more convenient.

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