Latest NGO Jobs in Kenya: Where to Find Kenyan NGO Job Vacancies

This is a list of latest NGO jobs in Kenya. NGO jobs have good remuneration and are excellent for career growth. Most NGO job vacancies in Kenya are found on the websites of the respective NGOs.

Non-profit work can be greatly satisfying, plus some NGOs pay annual bonuses. NGO recruitment has lesser restrictions as compared to Government jobs.

The latest NGO jobs in Kenya are favored by professionals and bright interns. Due to this, you should expect to work with experts when you land an NGO job in Kenya.

The jobs you will find on this list of latest NGO jobs in Kenya might require you to work longer hours. They may have lower pay but ultimately you will be happy knowing that you are serving many people who would not afford the services at normal cost.

Latest NGO Jobs in Kenya

These NGO jobs in Kenya mainly provide services that the government is unable to.

ActionAid NGO Jobs in Kenya

ActionAid Latest NGO Jobs in Kenya

ActionAid International works directly with poor communities to provide necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them find solutions to their problems.

Other target groups include discriminated people and people who have been denied, and are fighting for, their basic rights – education, food, women rights, good governance, climate change issues, health/ HIV and youth groups that seek to empower the young people.

Action Against Hunger NGO Jobs Kenya

Action Against Hunger NGO Jobs Kenya

Action Against Hunger NGO jobs in Kenya will enable you to be a part of the team that is providing humanitarian assistance to poor Kenyans. The provide skills and knowledge to solve food insecurity and malnutrition, public health and water/sanitation problems.

Action Against Hunger international network is always on the look-out for seasoned experts, and over 90% of their workforce in Kenya is made up of Kenyans. Regularly check the list of Action Against Hunger NGO jobs vacancies for updates.

African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) NGO Jobs

The African Agricultural Technology Foundation is an NGO that facilitates development and application of modern farming technologies by smallholder farmers, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. They provide solutions for regular agricultural problems, including disease control, weeds and climate change.

To work with AATF to increase agricultural productivity in Kenya, check for the latest AATF NGO job openings.

Latest Amnesty International Jobs in Kenya

Latest Amnesty International Jobs in Kenya

Are you looking for the latest NGO jobs in Kenya because you are passionate about human rights? Then check the latest Amnesty International jobs. Amnesty International provides experts with jobs, internship opportunities, and volunteer work.

Like most NGO job vacancies in Kenya, the latest Amnesty International career opportunities are only found on their careers page. They employ staff for research, media campaigns, project management, legal matters etc.

Get Latest NGO Jobs in Kenya at ACORD

The Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development (ACORD) is an NGO that promotes human rights and justice. The NGO works in Africa to create societies that enjoy their human rights by promoting food security, good governance, accountability and transparency.

Right to good health, promotion of women rights and peace building among conflict-prone societies. Check for the latest ACORD Jobs.

The Cradle Children Foundation

The Cradle Children Foundation

The Cradle Children Foundation promotes justice for children. The non-profit NGO pushes for the protection, enhancement and promotion of children rights through law reform, representing abused children in court and advocating for greater children rights.

The CRADLE NGO is concerned with child abuse right from the moment of childbirth. Other issues involve the many cases of children abused by their teachers and child trafficking. Find the latest NGO jobs in Kenya on the CRADLE-Kenya employment and internships page.

AGRA NGO Jobs in Kenya

AGRA’s website has some of the latest NGO jobs in Kenya. Work for the AGRA NGO and help eliminate food insecurity in Africa. AGRA seeks to increase income from agriculture for over 700,000 smallholder farmers in several African countries.

The NGO is involved in banana farming in Kenya, hybrid maize farming in Ethiopia, rice farming in Burkina Faso, among others. To join AGRA, browse their latest job openings.

NGO Jobs in Kenya – Food and Agriculture Organization of The UN (FAO)

Food and Agriculture Organization of The UN (FAO)

FAO seeks to create food security by enabling all people to have access to enough of high-quality food. The NGO works in Kenya to eradicate hunger, create food security and eliminate malnutrition. These goals can be achieved through good management and use of the natural resources – water, land and air.

Find the latest FAO NGO jobs openings in Kenya. These are some of the latest NGO jobs in Kenya. This list of latest NGO jobs in Kenya is regularly updated, so be sure to check later.

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