Mpesa Mini Statement: How to Get Mpesa Statement from Safaricom via SMS

If you are a regular Mpesa user, you should know how to get Mpesa statement. An Mpesa mini statement contains the details of your recent Mpesa transactions. It comes in the form of a secure SMS from Safaricom.

The Mpesa mini statement is the official Mpesa transaction statement from Safaricom Kenya. It is a free service that shows your last 5 Mpesa transactions. You can track your M-Pesa balance every time you send or withdraw using Mpesa. Each Mpesa transaction SMS shows your M-Pesa balance at the end. Checking your Mpesa balance is a free service.

Only Mpesa transactions that are more than an hour old are contained in the Safaricom Mpesa statement. Since it does not include transactions done within the last hour, the Mpesa mini statement will not show your Mpesa balance.

Getting a Safaricom Mpesa Statement is a free service too, but note that you can only get your Mpesa statement for a maximum 5 times in a day. This is how to get Mpesa Statement:

Mpesa mini statement: How to Get Mpesa Statement via SMS

Mpesa Mini Statement: How to Get Mpesa Statement

  1. From your phone (that has a Safaricom line), dial *234#
  2. *234# is the USSD Service Short-code. Select/ Answer with 2 (My M-PESA Information).
  3. Then answer with 1 (M-PESA Statement).
  4. Then select whether you want a Full Statement or Mini Statement at the nest prompt.
  5. A Service reply message — that you will receive your Safaricom Mpesa statement shortly is displayed. The Mpesa statement SMS should arrive before you finish reading this message!
  6. The Safaricom Mpesa statement SMS shows your last 5 M-PESA transactions.

That is how to get Mpesa mini statement from Safaricom. You can also get Mpesa statement through E-mail. The e-mail option is perhaps more secure than through SMS. You may want to delete the Mpesa mini statement SMS for privacy reasons.

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