How to Use Mpesa Paybill Number for Zuku Digital Entertainment, Airtime and Internet

Kenyans can use Mpesa paybill number for Zuku so as to access Zuku’s digital entertainment content on their digital television sets. Zuku Satellite provides digital TV content for millions of Kenyan households, in addition to phone and internet connection through their Zuku fiber.

These services are available throughout the country, and you can pay for the three Zuku services (Cable TV, Phone and broadband internet) using the Mpesa paybill number for Zuku in one bundle to reduce the cost.

There are many options for making the payment: one can pay online via the Zuku website, pay via Pesapoint ATM’s, Pay through the banks, use M-banking or use the popular method – Mpesa paybill number for Zuku.

Zuku as well as JTL Faiba provide high speed internet for use at home and in the office.

How to Use Paybill number for Zuku Mpesa Payment

Zuku Satellite TV and Zuku Fiber

  1. To use the Mpesa paybill number for Zuku, start by identifying your zuku account number from the most recent zuku invoice.
  2. Access M-PESA on your phone.
  3. Choose the Pay Bill option from the M-PESA menu
  4. Enter Zuku business number, 320320
  5. For the account code, enter the word zuku followed by your zuku account number. E.g zuku345
  6. Key in the amount to pay.
  7. Enter M-PESA PIN, hit OK/Send.
  8. Wait for the M-PESA confirmation SMS. Your payment using Mpesa paybill number for Zuku will then be reflected on your zuku account within 2 hours.

Pay Zuku Airtime using Mpesa paybill number for Zuku

  1. Go to M-PESA, select Pay Bill
  2. Use the Business number 320321.
  3. Enter zuku account code, which is your zuku account number.
  4. Type the amount, then M-PESA PIN and hit OK.
  5. Wait for the confirmation SMS from M-PESA. Your zuku airtime payment will be reflected on zuku within 2 hours.

Pay Zuku Fiber (Triple Play) using Mpesa paybill number for Zuku

  • Go to M-PESA menu on your phone and select Pay Bill.
  • Enter 220220.
  • Type the account code (your zuku account number).
  • Enter the amount to pay, then M-PESA PIN and press Send.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS. The payment will be updated within 2 hours.

Bonus Tip:

Paybill Number for Zuku MpesaTo make this payment process easier next time, save your zuku paybill numbers and your zuku account number in your phone!

This is how to use paybill number for zuku Mpesa payment.

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