How to Make Money Online with Data Entry Jobs and Online Typing Jobs in Kenya

How to make money online with free online typing jobs in Kenya. Online transcription jobs and data entry jobs are some of the high paying, work from home, online typing jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa.

These are the tools and skills you need to work online and make money in Kenya with free, legit online jobs from home. Be a freelancer and join the rapidly growing team of freelance writers in Kenya. All you need to do is register free for these online typing jobs in Kenya, work from home and earn extra money online.

Legit online data entry jobs are easy to get, but watch out for the many scam sites as well. Online typing jobs in Kenya include online transcription jobs, article writing and data entry jobs. Why should you be a freelancer? To create your own work timetable and be independent.

Freelancing, if done right, is less stressful and more financially rewarding since freelancers don’t have a fixed pay. Furthermore, most online typing jobs in Kenya require little or no experience. No stupid interviews and no CV required. You can work on them full time or as part time jobs.

How to Make Money Online with Online Typing Jobs in Kenya

The following are some of the high paying online typing jobs in Kenya.

  1. Transcription Jobs: Transcription is the process of converting audio to written text. It is done by a transcriber. A transcriber converts audio to text by listening to the video or audio file and then typing the content. Recordings of interviews, meetings and scientific studies are some of the popular jobs a transcriber does. You need to have a fast typing speed, generally over 60 words-per-minute, to make good money out of transcription. Get high paying transcription jobs at Rev, Transcribe Me and Scribie.
  2. Data entry jobs: Other online jobs in Kenya include clerical and data entry jobs which involve entering data into an electronic format. They are easy and popular work from home jobs. Most data entry jobs require little or no experience. Attention to detail (data accuracy), good typing speed and familiarity with computers and keyboards are essential skills for these online jobs in Kenya. Data entry jobs usually involve no research: you just change the format or verify the contents. For example, typing the contents of a PDF file into an Excel worksheet. Freelancers can get data entry jobs on online jobs sites such as Upwork and Freelancer. Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Open Office are the most commonly used data entry tools. Most data entry jobs deal with employees and sales data.

Online Transcription and Data Entry Jobs: How to Work Online with Online Typing Jobs in Kenya

You will need the following tools and skills to work online on online transcription, data entry jobs, article writing, internet jobs and online typing jobs in Kenya.

Make Money Online with Data Entry Jobs and Online Typing Jobs in Kenya

  1. A Computer – A cheap PC will do. If you are just starting to work online, look for a basic computer. Computer prices mostly depend on where you buy. Expensive machines usually have higher specifications required for processor intensive work, such as multimedia and graphic design. You don’t need such features to do regular online jobs such as online transcription jobs and data entry jobs. When working online, you will type on the keyboard and use the mouse a lot: The computer maybe cheap but the keyboard, mouse and monitor/display must be of high quality.
  2. Good Internet Connection – When it comes to internet connection, cheap is often expensive. Think of reliability and speed – these two factors will greatly determine the quality of work and performance when working online. Get a reliable internet connection that doesn’t have frequent disconnection. Online transcription jobs involve a lot of downloading of video and audio files. You will download faster when you have a good internet speed. Go for nothing less than 3G modem speed, and check which internet provider has an unlimited data plan.
  3. Headphones: Grab some high quality headphones and set up your typing environment in a quiet environment. Good headphones will enable you hear the speakers on the audio well. An audio for transcription can have multiple speakers. It also might not be of high quality. You will need good headphones for such transcription jobs.
  4. Flash disk: A transcriber must always have a portable backup device such as a USB flash drive. A flash disk will come in handy whenever power goes off – you can finish the job at a cyber cafe. USB flash disks are portable, inexpensive and easy to use. They are compatible with nearly all computers and don’t require any specialized software since they are plug and play devices.
  5. Other good qualities required to work online with online typing jobs in Kenya include having good listening skills and a good command of English.

Most of the resources you need to work online and make money with online jobs are free, if only you know where to look. Do extensive research, use free tools whenever necessary and work on your grammar. Good grammar will help you work faster on online typing jobs in Kenya. Get a good computer and accessories if you can afford, but buy cheap ones if you are on a tight budget. After all, you do not respond to a mosquito bite with a hammer.

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