How to Pay NHIF via Mpesa Paybill Number, using Your NHIF Account Number

Self employed Kenyans and other Kenyans wishing to make voluntary NHIF contributions can pay NHIF via Mpesa.

Paying NHIF through Mpesa is more convenient and faster. We also reveal the latest Mpesa charges for all payments made to NHIF through the mobile money service, and according to the new NHIF rates (2015).

The following are the steps to follow in order to Pay NHIF via Mpesa paybill number 200222, your unique NHIF account number and National ID card number :

How to Pay NHIF via Mpesa Paybill Number

  1. Go to Safaricom menu and select MPESA.
  2. Choose the Pay Bill option.
  3. For the M-pesa NHIF Pay bill number (business number), enter 200222.
  4. Enter your contributor’s National Identity Card Number.
  5. Enter the amount to contribute.
  6. M-PESA asks for your M-PESA PIN. Enter your Mpesa PIN and hit OK.
  7. M-PESA gives you the confirmation screen. Carefully confirm that all the details are correct. Press OK to finish to pay NHIF via Mpesa.
  8. You will receive an M-PESA Transaction confirmation SMS!

Pay NHIF via Mpesa Transaction Charges

How to Pay NHIF via MpesaThe following are the NHIF payment rates for NHIF Mpesa payment, charged by Safaricom when you pay NHIF via Mpesa.

To calculate your actual NHIF monthly contribution, check this new NHIF rates table, whose premium deductions depend on your salary range.

Min. Amount (Ksh)Max. Amount (Ksh)Charge (Ksh)

NHIF provides the medical cover, regardless of the type of injury or illness. Remember that this option to pay NHIF via Mpesa is only available to voluntary contributors and self employed Kenyans.

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