KRA PAYE Calculator: Use the KRA Tax Calculator to Determine KRA PAYE Tax Returns

Use our PAYE calculator to determine the total KRA tax returns on your taxable income. The KRA tax calculator is another step to making the process of paying income tax in Kenya simpler.

Registered Safaricom MPESA users can pay KRA using M-pesa¬†Paybill option with KRA’s Business Number 572572 and enjoy the lower MPESA rates.

Determine the total PAYE tax using the PAYE calculator, then use the mobile phone based services system (KRA M-Service) to file your tax returns online.

In addition to the popular M-pesa, one can use Orange and Airtel (using KRA’s USSD code *572#). The KRA M-Service is a mobile payment platform for all taxes. You are also encouraged to use M-Service for E-slip generation for traffic revenue fees.

The M-pesa option applies for all taxes that do not exceed Ksh 70,000. This is the transaction limit for Safaricom M-PESA.

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How to Use the PAYE Calculator

KRA PAYE Calculator

The KRA PAYE calculator needs total taxable income and insurance relief, and uses the KRA Employers Guide To Pay As You Earn In Kenya. KRA’s tax table for monthly income is as follows:

Monthly Taxable Pay (Ksh) Rate of Tax (%)
Up to 10,164 10
10,165 – 19,740 15
19,741 – 29,316 20
29,317 – 38,892 25
Above 38,892 30

The KRA PAYE calculator is for all income from salaries and wages form all offices and forms of employment in Kenya. Casual earnings are exempted from PAYE (earnings made in a period of less than a month).