African Football Teams And their Nicknames Quiz

Here is an African football teams and their nicknames quiz. The Africa quiz covers the countries that perform well in soccer, including Nigeria, Cameroon, Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Senegal, and Tunisia.

Africans love football, especially the FIFA World Cup, the CAF Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) and top football leagues around the globe.

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However, a few countries continue to dominate African football. These are mostly in West and North Africa.

You probably know about The Super Eagles, The Indomitable Lions, The Egyptian Pharaohs, West Africa’s Black Stars and The Lions of Teranga. But can you guess which African national football team is nicknamed The Pirates? Or The Dodos

African Football Teams and their Nicknames Quiz

African football teams quiz

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The Desert Foxes (can you guess the North African country?) are the current AFCON champions, having won the title for the second time. The next edition of the biennial  tournament will be held in Cameroon in 2022. Remember to share this Africa trivia with your friends!

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