Spend a Million Dollars Game in 30 or 60 Seconds

You are free to waste 1 million dollars on this spend a million dollars game. Available are both cheap and luxury items, including fruits, pens, shoes, condos, vast tracts of land and luxury vehicles. You can also donate some part of your 1 million dollars to charity. But some expensive items will put you in debt!

Can you Spend a Million Dollars in 30 Seconds?

With a million dollars in your pocket, you have quite a lot of money to spend in this game (though not as much as in the billion spender game or spending a trillion dollars game). Luckily for you, there are over 100 items to buy!

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On what can you Spend 1 Million Dollars in 60 seconds?

Spend a million dollars game

Compared to the other spending billionaire’s money games, spending a million dollars is much easier. Some of the items available to buy on this game cost a lot more than a million dollars.

However, many items are within your net worth, including food items, shoes, dresses, electronics and even hypoallergenic poodles.

How much is a Million?

One million is the same as a thousand thousands (1,000 x 1,000). It is written as 1 followed by six zeros. In figures, a million is 1,000,000.

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