How to Make Money Online with Jumia Kenya Affiliate Program and Mpesa

Jumia Kenya is the largest online retail shop in Kenya. Jumia online shopping is enabling Kenyans to make money online – Jumia has one of the best affiliate programs in Kenya. All you need to make money online with Jumia Kenya affiliate program is have decent online traffic (website visitors).

This can be through your website, your YouTube Kenya channel, Facebook page, Twitter and other social media sources popular with Kenyans.

Promote and link to the hottest products on Jumia KE, such as Jumia Kenya Smartphones and laptops. This can be through regular product reviews on your website. The Jumia Kenya affiliate program is free to join.

You get paid through M-Pesa when you make money online with Jumia Kenya affiliate program. You can become a wealthy affiliate just by promoting the items sold on Jumia online. Affiliate marketing is one of the quick ways to make money online in Kenya.

Make Money Online by Promoting Affiliate Products

Online shopping in Kenya is slowly becoming popular, especially in major towns. To attract more online shoppers, online shopping outlets such as Jumia Kenya let Kenyans pay for items upon delivery.

You can pay online, but many Kenyans do not trust this new online shopping model – and so many choose to pay upon delivery. Some of the most popular products with online shoppers in Jumia Kenya include Infinix Smartphones that have long battery life and are good for playing games, movies and music videos.

Other popular products are Jumia Kenya laptops, tablets and other common household and office electronic devices such as computers and printers.

With Jumia online shopping in Kenya, you can even buy books, baby stuff, clothes, shoes and other fashion items from the comfort of your home. Jumia Kenya delivers to all counties in Kenya, which gives their affiliates a nationwide reach. Follow these tips to make money online with Jumia Kenya affiliate program and get paid through M-Pesa.

How to Make Money Online with Jumia Kenya Affiliate Program and Mpesa

Use YouTube

Affiliate marketers can use YouTube to make money online with Jumia Kenya affiliate program. Create a YouTube Kenya channel – YouTube is the biggest video sharing website in the world.

It is free to join YouTube.

All you need to do is create high-quality and original videos. You can make videos reviewing Jumia Kenya products or about other topics. What matters is having interesting content that will attract many views. Then provide an affiliate link to the item on Jumia Kenya website or to your own site that has more details.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing makes use of e-mail lists to send commercial messages to prospective buyers. Using emails to inform buyers of great products is a long-term strategy that works well especially with affiliate marketing.

Companies also use email marketing when launching new products; and to alert their users whenever they have special offers.

Here are some of the best email marketing platforms in Kenya.

Promote Fast-moving Products and Services

Promote popular and well converting items to make money online with Jumia Kenya affiliate program – You can get almost anything at Jumia Kenya.

But since your earnings are a percentage of the item price, go for high priced, popular items such as Jumia Kenya Smartphones and tablets. Electronics have a higher price and are highly searched items on Google Kenya.

Most people who buy laptops, tablets or high-end mobile devices have no problem buying online and are usually too busy to go and shop. The Jumia Kenya affiliate program lets you help them with their busy lifestyles and make money while at it!

Use Best SEO Tactics

Use good SEO techniques to increase online traffic to your websites, social pages and YouTube Kenya channel.


Create more backlinks. Write more high quality content that search engines such as Google love. Review more Jumia Kenya items.

The higher-up your online properties show up on Google the better. Aim to rank on the first page of Google’s search results to get many visitors. This is the cardinal rule of affiliate marketing.

More visitors will naturally lead to more click-through on your Jumia Kenya affiliate links. Not everyone you send to Jumia KE will buy: some just want to do “online window shopping” and check the prices. More visitors will increase your Jumia Kenya affiliate earnings.

Make Money with Jumia Kenya Online Shopping

How to Make Money Online with Jumia Kenya Affiliate Program and Mpesa

It is that easy to make money online with Jumia Kenya affiliate program. Remember, Jumia Kenya pays you a commission for every product purchased by a visitor who gets to the Jumia KE website through your affiliate link.

They track the visitors you send through browser cookies that last for 30 days. This means that if the person who accessed Jumia Kenya through your affiliate link buys anything online at Jumia online shopping website via the same browser within 30 days of their first visit (when they clicked your link), you earn a commission. Nice and easy.

Make Money Online with Jumia Kenya Affiliate Program, Get Paid through Mpesa

The Jumia Kenya affiliate commission varies from one product category to another, mostly ranging from 2% to 11% of the product sale price (Read: Jumia Kenya: How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program Kenya).

Most international affiliate programs such as the SellHealth herbal products affiliate program pay Kenyans through PayPal. Jumia Kenya can transfer your earnings directly to your bank account. There is also the M-pesa option that is quick, convenient and has lower M-pesa rates and transaction charges. What are you waiting for? Get in the game and make money online with Jumia Kenya affiliate program.

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