Uber Kenya and Mpesa: Why Uber Taxi Kenya is Popular in Nairobi

Uber Kenya is a taxi service that operates in Nairobi and Mombasa. It has become very popular due to their cheap rates. Uber clients do not need to travel to the Uber offices to get a taxi. You book online through the Uber app on your smartphone. Uber Kenya is a branch of Uber Technologies Inc which has its headquarters in California, USA.

Available in more than 60 countries, Uber enables customers to submit trip requests via the Uber app on their smartphone. This request is routed to the nearest Uber drivers. Uber taxi do not charge any booking fees. The app gives a fare estimate upon booking.

The final cost is based on traffic and the total distance traveled. You can pay Uber taxi Kenya with Mpesa or cash when you reach your destination.  The exact amount to pay will be displayed to you and the Uber taxi driver. If you opt to pay with Mpesa, the Uber driver will provide the Mpesa number to use: You Mpesa the fare directly to the driver’s number.

You need to have a valid Uber account to travel by an Uber Kenya taxi. Go to your smartphone, access the Uber Kenya app and set up your pick-up location. The Uber Kenya taxi app allows you to choose your preferred payment method. Then tap on Request a Trip.

Uber Kenya and Mpesa: Why Uber Taxi Kenya is Popular in Nairobi

Uber Kenya TaxiUber Kenya is usually more than 50% cheaper than the private Kenyan taxis operating in Nairobi and Mombasa such as Kenatco and Jatco.

This is due to their pricing model that sorely relies on traffic (time taken) and distance of travel. This is why Uber taxis are usually cheapest at night and during the weekends.

High demand leads to a temporary increase in Uber rates, which the company refers to as dynamic pricing.

Regular taxis have always overcharged their customers depending on the whims of the driver. You pay regular taxis even more at night and when it is raining.

You should also have enough cash or money in your Mpesa wallet since the customer pays when they reach their destination. If you decide to cancel an Uber taxi request, a small cancellation fee is levied. You will not be able to pay in cash until you clear the cancellation fee.

Uber Kenya Contacts

You can contact Uber Kenya on twitter. Reach Uber through the smartphone app or on their Facebook page. The entry of Uber into the Kenyan taxi market in 2014 has led to greater competitiveness. This has led to several demos and vandalism of  Uber taxis. It’s not just in Kenya: Uber has faced a backlash in almost every major market the company has entered.

In Africa, Uber is also available in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town in South Africa, Lagos in Nigeria and Cairo, Egypt.

The Kenyan taxi drivers claim that they are unable to compete with Uber Kenya which has lower rates. Yet Uber drivers drive and own their cars. The company shares earnings with the local car owners. This is why the taxi service is available in major cities around the world.

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