BetLion Paybill Number – How to Deposit from Mpesa to BetLion Kenya

BetLion is an online sports gaming platform that was launched in Kenya on December 13th, 2018. The BetLion paybill number is 212927. It joins a long list of betting websites in Kenya, including SportPesa, Betin and Shabiki.

BetLion relies on mobile money just like the other online sports betting platforms. Punters can use Mpesa to deposit to BetLion. They can also use Mpesa to withdraw money from their BetLion account. BetLion is linked to the British tycoon Victor Chandler.

Kenya is the second country in Africa where BetLion has ventured into – the firm also operates in Uganda where sports betting has recently been banned.

There are two ways to deposit money from Mpesa to BetLion Kenya. One can use the Mpesa menu/ Lipa Na Mpesa on the phone or deposit through the website.

BetLion Paybill Number – How to Deposit from Mpesa to BetLion Kenya

The following is the procedure to follow in order to deposit money from Mpesa to BetLion Kenya.

BetLion Paybill Number

How To Deposit to BetLion Kenya through the Web

  • Login to your BetLion account
  • Click on DEPOSIT on the top left corner of the website
  • Enter the amount you would like to deposit and click “DEPOSIT” to confirm
  • You will receive an approval request (PIN Prompt) on your mobile phone. Enter your Mobile Money PIN
  • Your account will be credited instantly after you enter your mobile money PIN

You should receive an approval request within one minute. If you haven’t received the approval request after a few minutes, please contact BetLion Kenya helpline on +254 20 3892425 or via Email at

How To Deposit to BetLion Kenya using BetLion Paybill Number 212927

  • Go to your MPESA menu
  • Select Lipa Na Mpesa. Then click Paybill
  • Enter BetLion Paybill Number 212927
  • The account number is your registered BetLion number
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit. Then enter your MPESA PIN
  • Confirm the Mpesa transaction

Your BetLion account will be credited instantly. Note that sometimes it may take up to 30 minutes for the cash to reflect in the BetLion account. Contact BetLion Kenya if the money is still not available in your BetLion account 30 minutes after you completed the deposit transaction.

BetLion Kenya helpline is +254 20 3892425 and the Email is This is the procedure to follow to deposit money to your BetLion account using the BetLion paybill number.

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