20 Fruits that Increase Sperm Count and Boost Chance of Conceiving

A healthy sperm diet is highly recommended for couples who are trying to conceive. From the watermelon to pomegranates, we list 20 fruits that help boost fertility in men and are great for your general body health. Men who wonder how to increase sperm count should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. This is because these foods are packed with minerals and other essential nutrients.

Eating a protein-rich diet is a good way to obtain the essential amino acids. Fruits are also great sources of essential amino acids. Leucine is an essential amino acid that stimulates muscle growth and helps to regulate blood sugar. It is found in pumpkins, apples, blueberries and bananas, among others.

Lysine is another essential amino acid that that helps lower cholesterol and ensures good absorption of calcium. Fruits that contain lysine include avocados and almonds. Apples, avocados, cranberries, blueberries and oranges contain valine. This essential amino acid boosts muscle growth and increases energy and endurance.

Many brightly colored fruits are good sources of antioxidants. These are compounds that prevent atherosclerosis, cancer, heart disease but they also increase chances of conception by boosting male fertility. They include zinc (necessary for a man to produce and shoot huge loads), vitamin C and E, lycopene and folic acid. A good intake of zinc reduces infections by 66% among the elderly.

20 Fruits that Increase Sperm Count and Boost Chance of Conceiving

Moreover, the vitamins and amino acids found in fruits are necessary for good blood circulation. Some fruits such as pomegranates and citrus fruits have been studied and have shown an ability to prevent and even slowly reverse erectile dysfunction (ED).

Fruits that increase sperm count

ED is a common and embarrassing problem. It affects about 50% of all men aged over 45 years.

Fruits that contain flavonoids reduce the risk of ED by up to 21% when they are combined with exercises!

On their own, eating more fruits reduces the risk of ED by 14%.

Here are the best fruits for men that promote male sexual health and increase sperm count. A rule of thumb with fruits and veggies is that the fresher they are the better.

1. Pomegranates

Pomegranates (Punica granatum) are referred to as the natural Viagra. They are among the healthiest and most delicious fruits that men should regularly eat.

Pomegranates are rich in vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin A boosts production of testosterone. They are a good source of folic acid.

Moreover, pomegranates have antioxidants and are great for anyone who suffers from heart problems. Pomegranate extract have been proven to promote good blood flow.

This juicy fruit has been proven to help ease stomach problems, manage diabetes, cancer, anemia and they help reduce inflammation. Drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily to enjoy its many benefits.

2. Apples

Eat apples to increase male fertility

The rose (rosaceae) family is made up of over 2,500 plant species. They include apples, almonds, plums, peaches and pears.

Remember that old saying about an apple a day keeping the doctor away? Apples contain flavonoids and polyphenols.

These compounds control blood pressure and promote good blood circulation by preventing the formation of plaque in blood vessels.

Moreover, the compounds in apples regulate the amount of bacteria in the large intestine, thereby improving metabolism and absorption of food. People who regularly eat apples report feeling less hungry and are more satisfied after eating food – and an apple. They therefore have more energy and stamina.

3. Pineapples Increase Sperm Count

Pineapples are excellent sources of water and zinc – men who desire to increase sperm count need to drink more water and eat more zinc-rich foods.

A pineapple is a rich source of vitamins B1, B6 and C. The fruits also have folate, copper and manganese.

A deficiency of manganese causes men to have lower libido and stamina as well as reduced sperm count and a higher risk of infertility. This fruit is also an aphrodisiac and a good antioxidant.

4. Watermelon

About 92% of the watermelon fruit is water. The fruit also contains vitamins A, C and B6. The watermelon flesh has a bright red color. This is due to the huge presence of antioxidants, lycopene and amino acids.

Watermelon seeds contain potassium. They have a lot of zinc and magnesium. They also contain protein and good fats. Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that is found in abundance in the watermelon. This compound boosts production of nitric oxide that dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

5. Grapes

Grapes increase sperm count

A glass of wine every day is recommended for men who desire to perform better, where it counts. Well, red grapes are one of the main ingredients in many wines!

This fruit contains antioxidants (polyphenols) and flavonoids that prevent cancer and promote good cardiovascular health. Grapes also contain good amounts of insoluble fiber which aids in digestion while also acting as a laxative.

Their polyphenols increase dilation of blood vessels and as a result promote good blood circulation. Grapes are also good for anyone looking to reduce weight and control blood pressure. These two actions are beneficial to men who wish to improve their act.

6. Grapefruits

The grapefruit is different from a grape. It is a hybrid fruit, a cross between a pomelo and the sweet orange, which originated in Barbados.

Red pink and white grapefruits are more common. The pink and red grapefruits contain lycopene, an antioxidant that promotes good blood circulation. Men who regularly eat grapefruits have a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer.

Pectin (a naturally occurring polysaccharide) is a soluble fiber that is found in grapefruits. This compound lowers cholesterol and reduces the narrowing of blood vessels, thereby enhancing blood flow for better male sexual health. This fruit also speeds up metabolism and helps men reduce weight.

7. Lemons and Limes

You probably know that lemons contain a lot of flavonoids. Lemons and limes are loaded with phytonutrients that have antioxidant effects.

They are also good at preventing cancer and act as an antibiotic. Adding lime juice to food prevents the spread of cholera!

Lemons boost blood circulation throughout the body. This is due to the fact that lemons and limes contain citrate (a salt of citric acid that is commonly found in fruits that have citric acid). Citrate boosts blood circulation. Just add lemon juice to your morning glass of warm drinking water to improve chances of conception.

8. Papaya

Papaya have zinc

There is a difference between a pawpaw (paw paw) and papaya fruit. A pawpaw is bigger than a papaya, and has yellow flesh. Papaya has orange to red flesh.

The papaya is an exotic, bright orange fruit that is mostly grown in many tropical regions. Carotenes are antioxidants that are found in bright colored fruits – including the papaya. It is also rich in flavonoids that ensure good blood circulation throughout the body.

Papayas also contain vitamin A, C and B vitamins. In addition, the juicy fruit is rich in magnesium, potassium and copper. It has folate too. The antioxidants, together with vitamins A and C, present in abundance in the papaya prevent atherosclerosis. They also reduce the risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure.

9. Avocados

The Aztec ethnic group that lived in central Mexico spoke their native language that was called Nahuatl. They loved avocados. So much did the Aztecs love this fruit that they named it ahuácatl which means testicle!

While the avocado shape closely resembles that part of the male anatomy, word has it that the Aztecs knew of its aphrodisiac qualities.

Avocados are nutritious fruits that are rich in zinc. This mineral helps to increase sperm count. The fruits are also low in calories. A fifth of an avocado has only about 50 calories. Moreover, avocados have more potassium than bananas! The fat in avocados is the monounsaturated (good) fat that lowers bad cholesterol. The fruit also contains vitamins B, C, E and K. Avocados also contain a good amount of dietary fiber. This makes the avocado a superfood for men.

10. Bananas Increase Sperm Count

Shoot huge loads by eating bananas

Bananas are rich in zinc. They are also a rich source of vitamins B6 and C as well as minerals that include potassium, manganese and copper.

The potassium in bananas is good for the heart. As a result, eating bananas boosts blood circulation.

Poor blood circulation mostly due to high blood pressure and heart disease is the leading cause of ED. A man should eat a banana every day to improve digestion and increase energy levels since they have a lot of dietary fiber.

11. Strawberries

Just as with bananas and avocados, strawberries are good sources of potassium. The berries also contain copper, iodine, magnesium, manganese as well as a lot of vitamin C. They provide a lot of dietary fiber.

The fruits have antioxidants that protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals – chemicals that damage our cells.

By fighting free radicals, strawberries prevent the formation of plaque in arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis. These deposits interfere with blood circulation, leading to ED and cardiovascular disease.

12. Peaches

Peaches boost sperm count

Peaches, plums and nectarines are drupes. These fruits have lower calories and have no cholesterol or saturated fats.

They are rich in minerals which increase sperm count. This makes them good for male sexual health.

Peaches are rich sources of potassium, fluoride, manganese, zinc, calcium, copper and iron. These fruits also have a good amount of vitamin C and the compounds lutein and zeaxanthin which are anti-oxidants.

13. Mangoes

The mango is an aphrodisiac food for men. Men who regularly eat this fruit have higher libido and more stamina.

Men in India and Southeast Asia use the mango to relieve effects of ED. Vitamin E are the libido-raising ingredient in mangoes. This vitamin increases sperm count and helps balance hormones.

The mango has a lot of vitamin A and C which act as antioxidants and ensure good blood circulation. Mangoes are also good sources of potassium and magnesium for a healthy heart.

14. Bell Peppers Increase Sperm Count

Eat bell peppers for more stamina

Bell peppers contain apigenin, a compound that occurs in plants naturally and is also found in onions and oranges.

Apigenin is a flavonoid that boosts blood circulation by preventing clogging of blood vessels. The compound also lowers blood pressure and regulates blood sugar.

Another beneficial compound present in black and long peppers is piperine, an alkaloid from which bioperine is obtained.

As explained in Erectin reviews, Bioperine helps our bodies absorb more of the other nutrients combined with it in supplements. It is also, as stated in the Ultraload vs Semenax comparison, present in some male health products.

Bell peppers are rich in vitamin A which boosts production of testosterone. They also contain vitamins C, E, B2 and B6. In addition, bell peppers (also called pilipili hoho) are good sources of potassium, folate, niacin and dietary fiber.

15. Guava

A guava has more vitamin A than an orange – 5 times more! This fruit has more vitamin C than many other fruits, in addition to folate, vitamin B6, several minerals, fiber and protein.

Guavas contain good amounts of potassium, vitamins E and K, copper, magnesium and manganese. Like most fruits, guavas help lower blood pressure and are low in cholesterol.

16. Tomatoes increase Sperm Count

A tomato has seeds, which makes it a fruit (some people love to think of it as a vegetable). Ripe tomatoes, including Anna F1, are bright red in color. This is an indication of the presence of dietary flavonoids.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, a carotenoid that is an antioxidant and which gives the fruit its red color. This compound helps in relaxing blood vessels to allow better blood circulation.

Lycopene is also found in abundance in papaya, watermelon and red carrots. Tomatoes, apples, red peppers and pineapples are some of the fruits that promote testosterone production.

17. Coconut

Coconuts increase sperm count

A coconut is a seed, nut and fruit. It has a lot of water. Moreover, this dry drupe has a lot of minerals, saturated fats (good for energy) and vitamins in addition to the refreshing coconut water.

Coconut water has several minerals. It also contains enzymes that boost digestion and cytokinins that protect the heart.

A coconut’s water and meat contain good amounts of potassium. The saturated fat in coconuts is called lauric acid. This saturated fatty acid prevents atherosclerosis by increasing the good-HDL cholesterol in blood.

18. Blackberry

Blackberries have low amount of calories and sodium but are a rich source of dietary fiber. These fruits have a lot of vitamin C that helps to increase sperm count.

They also contain bio-flavonoids that prevent clogging of arteries. As a result, they ensure good blood throughout your body. In fact, blackberries are considered to have the most antioxidants due to their dark blue color.

Blackberries also provide vitamins K and E. They are rich in the minerals potassium, manganese, magnesium and copper as well as folate.

19. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is also called red hot chili pepper. This fruit boosts production of testosterone since it is rich in vitamin A.

Vitamins B6, C and E are the other ingredients in cayenne Pepper that are beneficial to male sexual health.

Cayenne Pepper also has potassium and manganese. Moreover, the capsaicin in cayenne Pepper helps dilate blood vessels thereby regulating blood pressure.

20. Cherries

Cherries good for male health

Cherries contain anthocyanins. These are pigments that are usually accompanied by flavonoids. The combination of these compounds helps prevent many diseases.

Anthocyanins are also found in teas, wines, honey, cocoa, nuts and cereals. The anthocyanin pigments are responsible for the bright color of fruits. Flavonoids and anthocyanins help prevent ED.

The flavonoids in cherries help clean clogged artery walls. As a result, more nitric oxide is secreted and more blood can flow where it is needed.

An apple a day still keeps the doctor away. Nevertheless, it’s best to eat a variety of fruits. Fruits that are good for male sexual health are red, dark, and white for a reason – they contain different nutrients! Vitamins A, B and C are crucial for any man who wants to increase sperm count and increase chances of conception.

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