List of Licensed Microfinance Institutions in Kenya (MFIs)

Most Microfinance Institutions in Kenya (MFI) are using Mpesa to provide micro-credit to their clients. The MFIs in Kenya are licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). This is under the Microfinance Act of 2006 and the Microfinance Regulations for Deposit Taking MFIs of 2008 (both are referenced at the end of this article).

These regulations involve licensing and supervision of the establishment of MFIs. They also regulate the business operations of all Microfinance Institutions in Kenya.

Most of these banks double-up as Deposit Taking Institutions. The benefits of using mobile money such as Mpesa when taking deposits include reduced costs, increased convenience and lower risk of fraud.

Whether you are looking for loans or banking jobs, here is a list of the leading Microfinance Institutions in Kenya. Most of them also support mobile banking.

Microfinance Institutions in Kenya List

There are many MFIs in Kenya. Here is a list of some of the most popular:

Faulu Kenya

Faulu Bank is one of the leading Microfinance Institutions in Kenya

Faulu Bank is a Deposit Taking MFI that is a leading provider of loans in Kenya. Like other Microfinance Institutions in Kenya, Faulu Kenya has both loans and savings products. You can deposit into Faulu Account using Mpesa. Faulu has a wide network within Kenya and is well represented in every county–from their headquarters in Nairobi to the far-away Isiolo County.

You can use mobile banking, ATMs and Faulu Agents to transact on Faulu Kenya. Like most Microfinance Institutions in Kenya, Faulu loans are flexible, accessible, processed within 12 hours, and have affordable interest rates.

Choice Microfinance Bank Limited

Choice bank Kenya

Choice Microfinance Bank Limited is one of the biggest community-based MFIs in Kenya. The MFI has its headquarters in Rongai within Kajiado County. You can deposit into Choice Microfinance Bank using Mpesa Paybill number 990 360. Their products and services include loans and savings accounts such as Faidikeni Fixed Deposit Account and Asset Mali Account.

In their own words, Choice MFI “started as a diaspora story that has evolved to become a local story as well. It is a link of Kenyan Diaspora Investments to the local people’s need of small credit facilities to improve their livelihood and break the poverty cycles”. MFIs in Kenya are popular due to their flexible loan repayment periods. Choice Microfinance Bank loans can be repaid within 3, 6, 9 and even 12 months.

KWFT – Kenya Women Microfinance Bank Ltd

Kenya Women Microfinance Bank (KWFT) is one of the leading Microfinance Institutions in Kenya

Popularly known as KWFT, Kenya Women Microfinance Bank PLC is one of the biggest Deposit Taking Microfinance Institutions in Kenya, and was licensed to operate as an MFI by the CBK on 31st March, 2010.

Like Faulu Kenya, KWFT has branches all over Kenya. The MFI has both savings and loans accounts that are open to all women and girls in Kenya. KWFT has over 600,000 clients and over 231 branches in all counties in Kenya. Like its name suggests, KWFT has a mission to empower women–and in the process enrich the lives of entire families, communities and the nation at large. You can pay KWFT loans using Mpesa.

SMEP Microfinance Bank Ltd

SMEP Bank Kenya

SMEP Microfinance Bank Ltd offers banking services in Kenya. This MFI focuses on retail banking, group banking, asset financing, provision of credit to businesses and church banking. The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) is the largest SMEP shareholder, in addition to over 10,000 other shareholders.

SMEP is among the microfinance institutions in Kenya that offer small loans, with Group loans as low as Ksh 5,000. To get a SMEP Group loan, create or join a self-help group of fifteen or more members. The group “MUST be registered with the Ministry of social services and have a constitution”.

Musoni Microfinance Institution

Musoni Microfinance is one of the oldest Microfinance Institutions in Kenya

Musoni Microfinance is one of the youngest Microfinance Institutions in Kenya, having been registered in 2009. Mobile banking is at the core of Musoni–“M” stands for Mobile and Usoni is Swahili for “future”. Musoni has no hidden fees and does NOT charge registration fees. It is, perhaps, the most “paper-less” of all Microfinance Institutions in Kenya. All Musoni funds are sent and received through mobile money.

Musoni loans are accessible and easy to apply for–loans are processed and available in your account within 72 hours. Choose Musoni if you are a smart farmer, for example making money through watermelon farming in Kenya (or tomato farming, pilipili hoho, cabbage farming, onions, etc).

Uwezo Microfinance

Uwezo Microfinance

Uwezo Microfinance provides several financial solutions (loans and savings) to enable wealth creation and better living for individuals, groups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya. Like most Microfinance Institutions in Kenya, Uwezo MFI offers short-term loans that are affordable and flexible. Their farmer loans are perfect for those who are into smart farming in Kenya, cattle rearing, tomato farming and other farming ventures.

Rafiki Microfinance Bank Ltd

Rafiki Microfinance

Rafiki is one of the banks in Kenya that offer diaspora banking, savings and loans products. Customers get affordable asset finance, loans for Chamas and Saccos.

Other Microfinance Institutions in Kenya include:

Download the Microfinance Act and Microfinance (Deposit Taking Institutions) Regulations  followed by CBK when licensing and regulating all Microfinance Institutions in Kenya.

Choose carefully and invest wisely from these and other Microfinance Institutions in Kenya.

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