Age Calculator: Calculate your Age from Date of Birth

Use this free online tool to calculate current age from any date of birth (DOB). It shows the current age (age today) in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. The age formula also shows your next and last birthdays, zodiac sign and your Chinese zodiac animal.

Use the three select boxes to pick any desired day, month and year. You can even use this DOB calculator to get the ages of your family members, friends, famous people, as well as imaginary birth dates just for fun!

Calculate Age in Days, Months and Years from Date of Birth

DOB Age Calculator: How old am I today? When were you born?

The online DOB date of birth calculator takes the day, month and year of birth and then uses the date technology that is in-built in your internet browser to check for correct birthday dates. It then calculates your current exact age as per the Gregorian calendar. This is the calendar that is used in most of the world today, having been introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in October 1582 to reform and replace the Julian calendar.

Calculate age from date of birth

This online date of birth (DOB) calculator answers your question of what is my age today by calculating how many years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds have passed since the day you were born up to the second you press the Calculate My Age button.

For your convenience, the DOB calculator attempts to automatically get your current locale from the regional settings on your computer. This is important in order to adjust the age calculation because of the fact that our planet is divided into more than 24 time zones.

Note that we do not store your age and location data on our website. Moreover, any data you enter on the online DOB calculator is never shared with anyone, and is lost once you leave the website.

What Can I do with the Age Calculator Online by Date of Birth?

This DOB calculator is useful in many ways. Some of the most popular uses of this free age calculator are:

  • Remember your last and/or next birthday: Birthday anniversaries can be hard to memorize especially for people who are extremely social, and those who have large families. But by simply entering a loved one’s date of birth into the DOB calculator, you get informed of the number of days remaining until their next birthday.
  • Get the age of celebrities and famous people: We can’t seem to get enough of celebs and other famous people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos in this age of social media. But sometimes they appear older than we last saw them, hence the need for a quick age check.
  • Plan for birthday celebrations: The age calculator from DOB even gives you the name of week of your next birthday, and how many days remain until then. This should enable you to plan ahead.
  • Check on the progress of your goals: Have you ever calculated your age and got that “oh sh*t, I am that old! feeling? Old age comes with wisdom, but it also tends to slowly creep up on us all. This age calculator can keep you updated on your age so that you can plan your life accordingly.
  • Reminisce about the loved ones who we have lost: Do you sometimes wonder how old a particular loved one who is resting in peace would be if they were still alive today? This DOB age calculator makes it super easy to answer that.
  • Just for fun: Ever wondered how old you would be today if you were born in, let’s say 1600? Or even as far back as 1000 CE?. CE stands for Common Era, which is our modern times beginning from around 2,000 years ago. How many total days, hours, minutes and seconds would you have lived? Well, just enter such dates in this age calculator and click the Calculate My Age button.

Does the Online DOB Date of Birth Calculator Work on my Phone?

Yes, the age calculator works perfectly on any browser, even on phones and other mobile devices.

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