Latest Jobs in Kenya for Fresh Graduates: Collection of Job Vacancies in Kenya

These are some of the latest jobs in Kenya for fresh graduates. Some of the jobs pay through M-Pesa. Find more latest jobs in Kenya in NGOs, TSC jobs, Brighter Monday jobs and more job opportunities in Kenya through the links in the posts below.

We have a collection of part time jobs in Kenya. The available jobs in Kenya include these well paying graduate jobs in Kenya. Get the latest government jobs in Kenya, Kenya pipeline jobs, Kenya Ports Authority jobs and latest jobs at Kenya Airways.

Use these recruitment agencies in Kenya and top job websites for the best jobs in Kenya, updated daily. Find the latest jobs in Kenya for fresh graduates, including the latest NGO jobs in Kenya. Use job portals such as Career Point Kenya to get internships in Kenya.

Fresh graduates can submit their CVs and browse through the available jobs on Kenyan job websites. Not all latest jobs in Kenya are found through job sites in Kenya such as Nsoko jobs and Brighter Monday. Job websites mostly contain white collar jobs (office jobs).

Latest Jobs in Kenya for Fresh Graduates

But if you have a piece of productive land, you may not want to waste time chasing after the few white collar jobs while you can make millions through smart farming.

Young people are making money in Kenya through smart farming. Make quick money in Kenya through pilipili hoho farming and growing watermelons. Watermelons have a ready market and are popular with city dwellers.

Latest Jobs in Kenya 2015Make quick money in Kenya by growing tomatoes. Tomatoes are a basic necessity when cooking.

Market prices are usually steady, giving tomato farmers good returns throughout the year.

The Anna F1 tomato variety is a popular hybrid that matures faster, has high yield and is resistant to common tomato diseases. It is grown under greenhouse tomato farming in Kenya.

Other latest jobs in Kenya are found through international mass job sites. Some of the best sources of well paying online jobs in Kenya for fresh graduates include and local job sites such as Olx Kenya Jobs.

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