Recruitment Agencies In Kenya for Staff Selection and Training

Many top firms are enlisting the services of recruitment agencies in Kenya such as Flexi Personnel Kenya and job sites such as Brighter Monday. Organizations rely on recruitment agencies to cut hiring costs, get the top candidates and benefit from the intensive candidate background verification done by the agencies.

Recruitment agencies in Kenya also allow companies to outsource staff and several of their administrative responsibilities.

The benefits of recruitment agencies in Kenya to job seekers include numerous employee contacts, excellent job-industry knowledge and their ability to match job seekers to current and future jobs.

Here is a list of the top recruitment agencies in Kenya that should have your C.V to increase the chances of getting your dream job.

Top Recruitment Agencies In Kenya

Flexi Personnel Kenya

Recruitment Agencies In Kenya: Flexi Personnel Kenya

Flexi Personnel Kenya provides reliable staffing solutions to organizations in Kenya. Founded in 2008,Flexi Personnel Limited is one of the biggest recruitment agencies in Kenya. They provide labor outsourcing, manage payroll for companies, and handle staff selection and recruitment. Like most recruitment agencies in Kenya, Flexi Personnel Kenya also does HR consultancy and conducts various Psychometric assessments during the process of selection and recruitment.

The benefits of relying on Flexi Personnel Kenya for employers include saving time and hiring costs since the recruitment agency maintains a database of pre-interviewed candidates. Recruitment agencies are always updated on current labor laws and regulations, thereby helping their clients avoid costly employee lawsuits.

Job seekers can submit their C.Vs and apply for the recent jobs and vacancies at the Flexi Personnel Kenya website. Companies seeking to fill temporary or permanent job vacancies can quickly satisfy their staff needs through Flexi Personnel Kenya.

Corporate Staffing Services – Corporate Staffing Recruitment Agency Kenya

Corporate Staffing Services

Corporate Staffing Services is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Kenya. The company provides staff selection and recruitment services to local organizations, and foreign companies that need to employ Kenyan staff.

Job seekers benefit from the free career guidance and professional CV writing – writing a better Resume is one of the top tips that enhances chances of success during a job search. Job seekers get career advice and guidance on how to present themselves for a job interview.

Students and professionals can submit their C.V for free, and browse the huge database of the latest jobs in Kenya that includes audit jobs, UN jobs, accounting and latest NGO jobs in Kenya.

To employers, Corporate Staffing Services provides Human Resource (HR) consultancy and recruitment for part-time and permanent job positions. The recruitment agency maintains a list of clients that include the biggest and well-paying employers in Kenya.

Summit Recruitment & Training Kenya

Summit Recruitment & Training Kenya

Summit Recruitment and Training Kenya is one of the recruitment agencies in Kenya who maintain a database of CVs from job seekers and match candidates to the available jobs. This recruitment agency offers several management and leadership courses, and training to improve communication skills. Other courses offered by Summit Recruitment & Training Kenya include office administration, team building and interview preparedness.

Job seekers can submit their C.Vs and browse the latest jobs in Kenya on the recruitment agency website’s Job Board. The jobs available include sales and marketing, internship jobs, legal jobs, human resources jobs and sales representatives.

Employers get the best candidates for their jobs, and to ensure this the recruitment agency conducts IQ tests, psychometric assessments, leadership skills tests and more skill related assessments. Employers are charged only after successful placement of candidates who will have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their successful performance on the job.

Adept Systems Kenya

Adept Systems Kenya

Adept Systems specializes in human resource management. They provide job evaluation and grading tests to meet their clients’ needs. Adept Systems Kenya carries out job analysis, creates job descriptions and prepares a competitive salary structure for each job description. In organization development, Adept Systems performs strategic planning, restructuring and sets new standards of work.

Their business reviews include a review of internal operational structure of organizations that helps to reduce operational costs by down-sizing job hierarchies. Adept Systems also performs Information Systems Consulting to increase the security and efficiency of their client’s IT infrastructure.

Like other recruitment agencies in Kenya, Adept Systems performs staff recruitment and selection on behalf of their clients, psychometric tests and profiling to match the available jobs with the right candidates and advises organizations of staff training and development. Job seekers can find the latest jobs on the agency’s website.

SGS Kenya

SGS Kenya

Like other recruitment agencies in Kenya, SGS Kenya provides interview tips and psychometric assessments to job seekers. Job applicants are required to select the job roles that fit them best and submit their CV and cover letter online. A telephone interview and face-to-face interviews will be conducted when a matching job is found for an applicant.

Other services provided by SGS Kenya include audit services and staff outsourcing to benefit from specialized skills. SGS provides certification of products and processes to comply with national and international standards and regulations. It also carries out consultancy work to understand market needs. Their risk management service identifies and prepares plans to handle risks associated with specific industries. In supplier management, SGS ensures that your suppliers meet your quality and safety standards. This protects your brand and reduces production costs.

These recruitment agencies in Kenya provide career guidance. They offer interview presentation skills. Employers use them for staff recruitment and selection. The recruitment agencies in Kenya also carry out psychometric assessments.

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