Football Betting Tips from SportPesa Jackpot Winner This Week

Looking for football betting tips? There are interesting SportPesa jackpot results this week. A trader, Mr.George Mwangi, is the recent SportPesa jackpot winner who has walked away with a cool Ksh 29.5 million in the SportPesa jackpot games.

None of the recent SportPesa Jackpot winners is a soccer guru, which should be encouraging: by following a few simple football betting tips, everyone stands a chance with SportPesa. A similar trend that can be noted from every SportPesa jackpot winner is their persistence in placing bets. It is harder to win any jackpot games with a few bets. Some get lucky sooner, some bet for years with no luck.

These betting tips will increase the probability of you winning the SportPesa jackpot. To win any jackpot games, place your bets wisely and frequently. Do a thorough study on the jackpot teams and in the case of SportPesa, check the recent SportPesa games results.

To get free football betting tips, check football predictions from the many football prediction sites such as Statarea. Most of the champions league predictions on leading soccer prediction sites, among other games, are usually accurate — those who make the predictions are masters of their game.

Football Betting Tips from SportPesa Jackpot Games Winner This Week

Football Betting Tips for SportPesa Jackpot

Here are a few Football betting tips from the SportPesa Jackpot Games winner this week:

  1. Know the sport: Mwangi used to play as a mid-fielder for Barclays Bank’s junior team when he worked there. While he is not a football pro, you can bet that he knows a lot about football than the average Tom, Dave and Harry.
  2. Just try: Lady luck smiles on everyone. Some wise people say it’s better to try and lose in something than to never have tried. Mwangi decided to just try and is now Ksh29 million richer…
  3. Research: This is one of the most repeated football betting tips. The recent SportPesa jackpot winner says that after he started football betting for the SportPesa jackpot, he “began researching on the games and it improved my fortunes”. Use these free soccer prediction websites to boost your luck on SportPesa jackpot games.
  4. Believe in yourself: Think smart, avoid betting on emotions and trust your instincts. Some football jackpot games have been won through a simple toss of a coin. Most SportPesa winners place their bets carefully, think hard but don’t drive yourself insane — toss the coin if you must. According to Mwangi, “I just decided to give it a try and told myself I could win some money”.

These are the highlights of the SportPesa games results this week. Follow these football betting tips from the recent SportPesa jackpot winner and good luck with the SportPesa jackpot games. Get more football betting tips and matches fixtures for the SportPesa jackpot today on Facebook.

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