Job Search tips: How To Get a Job in Kenya, Where to find Latest Jobs In Kenya

To get a job in Kenya, you need to find the latest job opportunities through job websites in Kenya such as Brighter Monday. NGO jobs, UN jobs and Government jobs are some of the most sought after job opportunities in Kenya.

It is not easy to get a job in Kenya, especially if you are looking for a white collar job. You can make the job search easier by having good networks – who you know. The LinkedIn website is a good platform for creating networks with managers and HR people.

People readily recommend responsible, reliable and honest people for jobs: If one recommends a poor performer for a job, it is they who will end up looking bad. You should tell your family and friends that you are looking for a job so that they can alert you if their places of work are hiring.

A job search is always a process, and it takes time and energy. You need a lot of patience to get a job in Kenya. Create and maintain a good resume. Research on the common interview questions and use these job interview tips to increase your chances of passing a job interview. Learn your weaknesses and strengths through the Brighter Monday career advice portal.

The N-Soko jobs website has a free Resume builder – use it to create a professional CV and cover letters. Most people who quickly get a job in Kenya send their resumes and cover letters to as many job vacancies as they can. Of course you need to be qualified for each job opportunity you decide to go for. To do this effectively, modify your CV and cover letters to suit the particular job you are targeting. Remember to follow up through e-mail all your job applications.

Here are a few job search tips to help you get a job in Kenya.

How to Get a Job in Kenya through Recruitment Agencies In Kenya

Use recruitment agencies to get a job in Kenya. Flexi Personnel Kenya, Corporate Staffing Services and Summit Recruitment & Training Kenya are some of the top recruitment agencies in Kenya.

Recruitment firms in Kenya provide staffing solutions and most of them allow job seekers to upload their resumes. Recruitment agencies are a good source of the latest jobs in Kenya: just browse their job listings. Other beneficial services provided by recruitment agencies in Kenya include professional CV writing and job interview advice. Recruitment firms also do psychometric assessments and training which improves communication skills.

Get a Job in Kenya on Brighter Monday and other Job Sites In Kenya

Job Websites In kenyaYou can get a job in Kenya by checking the latest jobs in Kenya on Brighter Monday. BrighterMonday is one of the top jobs websites in Kenya.

Job seekers can subscribe for job alerts and search for available job opportunities for free. Employers are required to pay a small fee to list their jobs.

In addition to having the latest job opportunities in Kenya, use the Brighter Monday career advice portal to update your job search skills and identify your career weak points. Other top job sites in Kenya include Career Point Kenya and Olx Kenya jobs.

How to Get Daily Nation Jobs

Before there were job websites and online job boards, employers used to advertise jobs in newspapers. They still do, but most job seekers prefer to search for jobs online. Online jobs are also more accessible. To get a job in Kenya, regularly check the classifieds section of the Daily Nation. N-Soko jobs are related to the Daily Nation jobs: both are owned by the same company.

How to Find Online Jobs in Kenya

To get a job in Kenya, why not work online from home? Online jobs in Kenya include transcription, article writing and affiliate marketing.

How To Get a Job in Kenya Use Google to search for online job opportunities. Other ways of making money online in Kenya include forex trading, writing e-books and web design.

Blogging is one of the best ways of how to make money online in Kenya: You start your website and monetize the content using Adsense, promoting well converting affiliate products such as these or earning money by providing a service that requires users to pay for registration – such as online dating and football predictions for the SportPesa jackpot.

Most online jobs in Kenya are free and pay through trusted payment gateways such as PayPal and Western Union. Some online jobs pay through M-Pesa, which is quicker, you earn more due to the lower Mpesa charges and is more convenient.

Become a Smart Farmer

If you have productive land, you can as well create a job for yourself. Smart Kenyans are making millions through pilipili hoho farming, watermelon farming, growing tomatoes, cabbage farming, onions and even hay farming. Farming jobs require little capital – you don’t need to plant acres to make good profit.

One quick way to make money in Kenya is through small-scale greenhouse farming. The employment options in Kenya include getting a white collar job, working online as a freelancer and smart farming: At the end of the day, what matters is having money in your pocket.

Be patient while looking for a job. It takes time to get a job in Kenya. Your Kenyan job search will most likely take weeks or months. It is not unusual for college and university graduates to “tarmac” for more than 6 months looking for their first job. These are some of the best ways how to get a job in Kenya.

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