How To Place Bets And Win The Jackpot In The SportPesa Jackpot Games

SportPesa jackpot games enable football fans in East Africa earn cash (and lose money) by placing bets on results of football matches. Football predictions is an old game. The art of betting predictions through online betting sites such as Mcheza and is taking East Africa by storm.

While we don’t support any form of gambling, there are some tricks that will increase anyone’s chances of winning a sports bet – whether online, paid bet or free sports betting as with friends.

Sports betting is legal and taxed in Kenya (for those over 18 years of age), and SportPesa is registered and licensed by Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya (under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act of the Laws of Kenya, Cap 131).

We described in a previous post how to use the SportPesa paybill number to deposit money to SportPesa and pay SportPesa jackpot games using the M-pesa SportPesa paybill number, Airtel Money, Orange Money and YU Cash. Follow the following SportPesa betting tips to win SportPesa jackpot games today.

How To Win SportPesa Jackpot Games

To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” ― Anatole France.

Like all great things, winning SportPesa jackpot will take time: You fail at it. Try again. Do better the next time.

To increase the chances of winning the SportPesa jackpot games, develop an interest in international football. Know the sport. You need to watch and follow results of football matches as most teams have an established winning and losing pattern when playing against particular rivals.

Its easier to win at home, for example, and teams that have not won against a particular team recently will be unlikely to win. Successful sports betting, even on SportPesa jackpot games, favors the underdog teams.

Understanding football also helps in predicting the goals margin. Avoid betting with your heart – your favorite team will not always win!

Check The Weather Forecast

There are tons of free mobile weather apps for Android, iPhone and tablets. Check the news for weather forecasts, and get weather data online for up-coming international football matches.

The weather affects football results, with bad weather tending to level the playing field. If the weather forecast points to bad weather, you may want to bet on the underdog team to at least manage a draw. A wet and slippery playing field affects more teams that rely on short passes, and usually leads to lower scores.

Team Morale Affects Football

Low morale leads to poor football performance. Poor player relationships within a team, payment disputes, problems with the manager, coach and technical bench will greatly influence the outcome of a football match. Before placing a bet on SportPesa jackpot games, check the latest sports news for brewing trouble in a team. Low morale in a key player often leads to poor performance by the whole team.

Good Money Management

SportPesa Jackpot GamesYou are unlikely to win the SportPesa jackpot games with a single bet. The best tactic is to place smaller bets of a consistent amount.

There are people who have lost huge loads of money through sports betting.

There is the so-called “long losing streak” whereby one loses many consecutive bets. It is advisable to bet 1% of your betting funds, for example placing a maximum bet of Ksh 2,000 if you have Ksh 200,000.

Your profit margin will grow if you win at least 50% (50% to 60%) of your bets, otherwise you will go at a huge loss.

Check the Online Predictions

There are many websites where they report live scores, make football predictions and match analyses of local and international soccer games. Above all, use your head and avoid being emotional: “For the most part, sports betting strategy is just common sense. Establish your bankroll and acceptable bet sizes, control your emotions, avoid betting when you’re under-the-influence, and shop for the best lines”. Good luck with your betting predictions on SportPesa jackpot games.

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