Safaricom Mpesa Rates, Mpesa Fees, Tariffs and Mpesa Charges 2023

Safaricom Mpesa rates, Mpesa charges and Mpesa tariffs depend on the amount of money you are sending or withdrawing. The Mpesa withdrawal charges for Agent withdrawal and ATM fees are different from those applied when transferring money directly from one Mpesa user to another.

The Mpesa rates are also different for various online money transfer options such as PayPal Kenya and Skrill.

Safaricom Kenya rarely releases new Safaricom Mpesa rates, tariffs and rates. This is to ensure stability of the money transfer service and user convenience. There are many ways to use mobile money in Kenya.

You can easily and conveniently use your android phone’s M-PESA menu to buy airtime for your phone or for someone else. Businesses use Lipa na Mpesa and Safaricom Mpesa paybill numbers as a sales volume enhancer.

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Some of the latest jobs in Kenya pay through M-Pesa.

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They then get paid through M-Pesa.

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There are online jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa. In addition, one can use mobile money platforms such as M-Pesa Kenya and Equitel Kenya to pay for goods and services.

These include Modern Coast buses, Uber KenyaSportPesa, Shabiki, Betika, BetLion, Mcheza, Betin and Elitebet Kenya football predictions. The Safaricom Mpesa rates also apply when paying utility bills such as  KPLC electricity and GOTV.

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Safaricom Mpesa Rates, Charges and Tariffs

(More on Safaricom Mpesa charges at the Mpesa cost calculator). Some services attract NO Mpesa charges.

New Safaricom Mpesa Rates

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There are no Mpesa fees when you generate an Mpesa statement. When buying airtime with Mpesa, the service is free.

Safaricom Mpesa rates and tariffs

You only pay for the airtime purchased. So, what are the Safaricom Mpesa rates for SportPesa today games? How much does it cost to send and withdraw money from Mpesa?

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These are the Safaricom Mpesa rates for withdrawing money from an Mpesa mobile wallet in Kenya. These are also the Mpesa tariffs for sending cash to registered and non-registered users.

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Also included is the Safaricom Mpesa charges table for ATM withdrawals. The Safaricom Mpesa rates and Mpesa transaction charges include agent fees. They also include ATM withdrawal rates.

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